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Friday, May 7, 2010

Cleaning Up For A New Friend Visit

Right now my boys are downstairs playing with a new friend. This is his first time here. My sons met him through another friend and he likes to play Yu-gi-oh as do my sons, especially my younger one. We happened to see him with his mom and sister a day after they met and his mom and me agreed that it would be nice for them to get together sometime. So after a week or so, we invited him over.

Since his mom has never seen our place, I wanted to straighten up and make the place look nice and neat, like it always looks like that (ha,ha). So beyond the usual picking up, I vacuumed, cleared tables and counters (as much as possible), wiped down sinks and counters and re-folded the bathroom towels. Then I brushed my hair and put on new lipstick. It was as if we were having company. Mind you, I do not go through all of this for all their friends. Once we get to know them well and feel comfortable with them, I relax.

Do you find that you do this too? It's just that I want to make a good impression on a mom that I'm getting to know and I want her to feel comfortable having her son at my house. I like when we get past this stage because it's a lot of work and truth be told - I really don't like cleaning, although of course it's a necessary evil.