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I am a stay-at-home mom of two sons, 12 and 10. I used to be an advertising manager. I love my new career and have thrown myself completely into it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday!!

I hope everyone is having a good Fat Tuesday.  I love celebrating smaller holidays as much as the bigger ones.  I like to make food traditional to that holiday so tonight I'm going to make jambalaya.  I just googled "jambalaya" and looked at various versions of the recipe.  I picked a recipe that Emeril Lagasse had.  I'm just making a few changes to it.  I'm not going to use sausage, just chicken and shrimp, because I'm not  a big fan of sausage and I'm trying to be healthier (look below at my "And I Left the Restaurant In An Ambulance" entry).  Also, I'm going to tone down the spiciness for my sons - they don't like food too spicy.  However, my husband and I will be spicing up our portions.  So, here's to everyone on Fat Tuesday - have fun today, dance, wear some beads and have a good time!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

What's Your Favorite Day of the Week?

Mine's Friday.  In our family Friday holds a special significance because my husband and I were married on a Friday and both our sons were born on Fridays.  We didn't plan it that way, it just happened (except for getting married on Friday).  One of the reasons we got married on a Friday was that I wanted a Winter evening wedding and it was easier to find and book a site on a Friday evening rather than a Saturday evening.  A plus was that it was also cheaper.  Our guests ended up loving it because a lot of them got hotel rooms near our reception and had an excuse to leave work early or not go in at all.  Then our wedding became a really fun way to start the weekend (we found out later that a number of them stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, as they got adjoining rooms).

I also liked Fridays back when I was working in corporate America because it became "casual Fridays".  I liked going into work in jeans and everyone just had a more laid-back attitude.  You would never start something new on a Friday because why not just wait until the beginning of next week.  Many times my coworkers, boss and I would go to lunch on Fridays and take a long one.  In fact I had a really cool boss at one of the advertising agencies I worked at in L.A. who would sometimes take us to a local Mexican joint.  She would encourage us to order margaritas, then would encourage us all to get a 2nd one.  She picked up the tab and then we would all stagger back to work.  Suffice to say there was no more work happening on those afternoons and our department would be full of giggles.  We all sobered up in time to drive home and let me tell you, we all worked our hardest for her all other times because she was such a cool boss (this was not her only virtue).

I even liked Fridays as a kid.  On Friday evening I would be so excited that there were two full days ahead without school.  I remember liking the shows on Friday evening - The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family (right?  Am I remembering correctly?)  Now I'm really dating myself by admitting that I used to watch them before they were in syndication.

Nowadays, I make Friday evenings special for our family by having "popcorn night".  We started this when the boys were old enough to eat popcorn without it being a choking hazard.  I spread a sheet out on the living room floor and the boys pick a movie to watch.  Then I make batches of popcorn throughout the evening with an air-popper (remember those?)  I think they're coming back in popularity.  Anyway, the popcorn tastes so much better than the microwave kind and I put real melted butter on it and can control how much salt goes on it.  I used an air-popper that I had since college until late last year.  That popper lasted about 25 years and cost about $10!!  Talk about getting your money's worth!  Anyway, it eventually started taking longer and longer to pop so my family bought me a new one for my last birthday.  I still have the old one - I can't throw it away - it just has too many fond memories now.

So, let us know what your favorite day of the week is, and why ...