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Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Parties, A Play and A Birthday

Whew - I haven't blogged in a while because it got pretty hectic there. I was planning and coordinating two Thanksgiving parties for my sons' classes, getting two costumes ready for my youngest son's class play and sending out letters, collecting money and buying a gift for my oldest son's teacher and planning a birthday celebration for him. And right after all of this was Thanksgiving. In between all this my oldest son did have H1N1 and missed 6 days of school. For a week my husband and me kept feeling like we were coming down with something. We got lucky though - it never took hold. Our youngest son felt fine during all of this, thankfully. However, about a week and a half later, he got some rash one Sunday evening. So he took the next day off school while I took him to the doctor. Turned out to be nothing big and it went away right away. Then a week later, I had to take my oldest son back to the doctor because he was up most of the night before coughing.
So we kept having illnesses and doctor's appointments happening during a time when I was really busy and needed all my days for planning and getting everything ready. Then the night before Thanksgiving, my youngest son got an 102 degree temperature. He had a fever all day on Thanksgiving and was lying on the sofa for much of the day, which is not like him at all. We had planned to go to our niece's house for Thanksgiving dinner but realized our youngest needed to stay home. So my husband stayed home with him while I went to the dinner with our other son. We cut our visit a bit short so I could bring some turkey and fixings to my husband. Our youngest doesn't like turkey so he ended up getting a cheeseburger, fries and milkshake instead - he was very happy. Thank you, Mc Donald's, for being open. Most other places weren't - we know - my husband was driving around trying to find something.
So now the Thanksgiving weekend is over and it's back to the drawing board. I really enjoyed having a long weekend that wasn't full of plans so we could all relax a little. We needed it and we earned it. We did some fun things like going for a family bike ride, practicing football (the boys start playing for a league in a couple of weeks), watching the boys ice skate at an outdoor rink and going to dinner afterwards, and putting up Christmas decorations. Although it's busy, I do love this time of year and I'm really trying to experience it one day at a time this year. Now I'll take a breath and start thinking about planning the holiday parties for each son's class.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I am trying to lose weight (blah, blah, blah). I'm trying to do it to look better, to get healthier, to fit better in clothes, to fit into smaller clothes, to enjoy going clothes shopping again, to feel like I garner more respect, to make my husband proud of me, to make my children proud of me, to look and feel sexier and younger, etc., etc., etc.

So two days ago I did a good job. I exercised and I ate heathfully and watched my portions. I felt good going to bed and even better when I woke up. But yesterday was a tough day. Both boys were home sick from school and instead of resting, they decided to pretty much spend the day fighting - yelling, hitting kind of fighting. So I was moderating arguments and fights all day and feeling stressed out and kind of defeated. So yes, I ended up eating too much, especially by the end of the evening. I made a good dinner that I hadn't made before - orrechiette, broccolini (or asparation) and proscuitto. We had wine with dinner and it was all delicious. I had seconds and later in the evening polished off the left-over proscuitto.

So this morning I woke up feeling bloated and lethargic. My oldest son is still home sick and I didn't end up exercising today. I'll try my best for the rest of the day and evening and get back on the saddle tomorrow. (Is that the right metaphor - I tend to get my metaphors mixed up)

4 Days Missed From School

It's Thursday and my oldest son is still at home sick. I've picked up some of his schoolwork but I am a bit worried about him missing 4 days of school. He's in 5th grade now and you feel that they go over important information every day. It was different when he was younger. I felt it was much easier to make the work up and it seemed that they would be able to review school material easier. Now I worry about what he's missing and if the material will be reviewed. It's also hard to push him to do homework right now while he's not feeling good. I want him to be able to rest, but I don't want him to fall too far behind.

Do you worry when your kids have missed a few days at school? Do you pick up their schoolwork and homework and try to have them work on it while their sick? What grades are your kids in and does this have an impact on your decisions?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Is It H1N1?

This morning the family got up as normal on a Monday morning. My husband got ready and left for work and I made the boys breakfast and made sure they got ready for school. About 15 minutes before we were going to leave, my oldest son informed me that he didn't feel well. I asked what was wrong and he said his stomach hurt, as he layed on the sofa. I tried to figure out if he was just trying to get out of school, but he did seem like he didn't feel well. I took his temperature - normal.

Since this is the beginning of November, I can't help but wonder - is this the beginning of an H1N1 infection? Or is it just a cold or the seasonal flu. One of the teachers at school has said that a few of the kids have had H1N1, but I haven't heard other teachers or parents talking about it. Also, I haven't noticed a lot of absences. In fact, for our Fall party last Friday, every student in my younger son's 3rd grade class was there.

Now his stomach doesn't hurt anymore but his throat does and he has a headache. I'm wondering if I should take him to the doctor just to be safe but he doesn't seem too sick. I'm also reluctant to go to the doctor's office right now where we could get exposed to even worse germs. For now I'll just keep a close eye on him and see if he gets worse.

This year is different from other years because we've all heard about the dangers of H1N1 and that it seems to hit children especially hard, even children who seemed to be previously healthy. We'll see how this progresses and I'll keep taking his temperature. Has H1N1 hit any of your communities or are kids just getting sick with regular-variety colds and seasonal flu? How worried are you this year?

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