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Thursday, November 5, 2009

4 Days Missed From School

It's Thursday and my oldest son is still at home sick. I've picked up some of his schoolwork but I am a bit worried about him missing 4 days of school. He's in 5th grade now and you feel that they go over important information every day. It was different when he was younger. I felt it was much easier to make the work up and it seemed that they would be able to review school material easier. Now I worry about what he's missing and if the material will be reviewed. It's also hard to push him to do homework right now while he's not feeling good. I want him to be able to rest, but I don't want him to fall too far behind.

Do you worry when your kids have missed a few days at school? Do you pick up their schoolwork and homework and try to have them work on it while their sick? What grades are your kids in and does this have an impact on your decisions?

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