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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tried to Be Healthy (Failed Miserably)

So last night I made a nice fish dish. I usually make fish on Tuesday nights because the garbage comes on Wednesday and I don't want the fish smell in our garbage for too long. I try to cook fish at least once a week because it is so healthy. So I went to a very good fish market in our area, which I do every Tuesday, and picked some fish called Rex Sole.

Rex Sole is a tasty, very flaky fish. But the hard part about it is that it has bones. You have to cook it and then cut through it and remove the spine and bones in one sweep-through, if you can. Now these aren't large fish. So to feed four people, I had about 10 fish. You have to do this with all the fish and when you try to remove the spine and bones, they sometimes fall apart, which makes it a lot more messy and difficult.

Anyway, it was done and we finally sat down to eat. The kids weren't excited about what we were eating - fish is never their favorite thing, but we made them eat some of it. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The fish was very fresh and when Rex Sole is very fresh, there can be a wonderful brininess (salty-seawater flavor). We very much enjoyed our meal, but there wasn't a lot of fish flesh after removing all the bones and skin. So we ended up hungry. After dinner, the whole family was still hungry.

Well, the weekend before we had a couple of our sisters-in-law over and one of them brought over a couple of Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches (can you see where this is going?) They were wonderful!! Filling, meaty, cheesy - just got to you where it matters. So we were all feeling a bit unfulfilled and decided as a group that what would fulfill us at this point would be splitting a couple of, yes, Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.

So off to the restaurant I went to pick up a couple of orders and I realized my evening of trying to eat healthy went bust - oh well~


  1. I make a healthier version of Philly Cheese steak sandwiches!
    Slice flank stank across the grain and saute on med-high with some salt & pepper & sliced onions and bell peppers until the veggies are soft. Put some nonfat mayo on sandwich thins on a baking sheet, add the meat mixture, then top with some nonfat cheese and melt in oven at 500 degrees. Easy Peasy, tasty and not so bad for you.

  2. Yumm! We would have been better off!