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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Wow, it's been a long time since I've published a post - sorry. Things have gotten absolutely crazy around here! It's hard to get computer time since my husband's been unemployed. Between him and the kids, I get squeezed off of it. There have also just been a lot of little things, big things, annoying things to take care of on top of the everyday tasks. Some of these things are big time guzzlers too.

One of the most annoying and frustrating items I've been dealing with since mid-February is COBRA. I've been on COBRA twice before and have never had a problem. The problem is not with the COBRA program but with a company my husband's former employer uses to administer COBRA for them. I mailed them the sign-up paperwork and a check, but they never received it. We had to get about three people involved from my husband's former employer to get it sorted through so we would actually be signed up before the expiration date. I finally had to Express Mail a new set of forms and another check. God only knows what happened to the 1st check and my bank wants to charge me $29 for a stop-payment - not what you need when unemployed and doing things correctly in the first place.

Another annoying problem has been trying to start one of my prescriptions on mail-order with a new insurance company that we got as of 1/1/10. For some reason, they won't send me paperwork to mail a prescription to them. They prefer for it to be faxed to them directly from my doctor's office. However, my doctor's assistant has tried to fax it to them four different times throughout a 3-week period. Every time, they say they haven't received it. We've double-checked the fax number and it's fine and the fax from the doctor's office says it went through successfully. It just seems to fall into a black hole on the other side. So I'm still dealing with this issue.

On top of that our refrigerator is leaking water from the top freezer into the fridge below. So I'm constantly sopping up water and placing cups in there to try to catch it. We decided to just buy a new fridge because this one is about 13 years old and we've spent about $100/year for the past four years trying to fix different problems. We spent $100 about five months ago because the motor went out. The repairman said it would be "good as new" with the replacement motor and might have about ten more years left - HA!! We're sick of continually putting money into this moneypit so we bought a new one, on sale, with a $50 instant rebate for getting an Energy Star version. That whole process took a couple of weeks and I'm waiting for the new one to be delivered right now. It's supposed to come some time between 9am - 1pm. So I'm to just sit tight until they decide to arrive. No problem - four hours out of my busy schedule is nothing - nah.

So on top of all this and the everyday items have been the following: planning, shopping for and helping out for both my sons' classes' Valentine's Day parties, which did overlap, buying special pants and shoes for my son before a special field trip because he's out-grown the others, trying to find items for my son's upcoming play, having a pre-scheduled annual doctor's appointment without knowing if insurance is going to pay, having some major homework/schoolwork issues with one of my sons and planning two parties for my son's birthday (one for family, one for friends).

I didn't sleep much last night because I woke up around 2:30, then my head just started going. There's so much clutter I need to go through and projects I need to start and keep working on like putting pictures into an album from years ago and doing some spring cleaning. I worry about how my sons are doing, how we are doing financially, any unforseen bumps in the road in the future, etc., etc. Everything seems more unmanageable at 2:30 in the morning. I'm gearing up for parties on St. Patrick's Day in both sons' classes and my younger son's two birthday parties the weekend before. Hopefully, I can stop, breathe and remember to actually enjoy all this even when I get stressed.


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