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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday!!

I hope everyone is having a good Fat Tuesday.  I love celebrating smaller holidays as much as the bigger ones.  I like to make food traditional to that holiday so tonight I'm going to make jambalaya.  I just googled "jambalaya" and looked at various versions of the recipe.  I picked a recipe that Emeril Lagasse had.  I'm just making a few changes to it.  I'm not going to use sausage, just chicken and shrimp, because I'm not  a big fan of sausage and I'm trying to be healthier (look below at my "And I Left the Restaurant In An Ambulance" entry).  Also, I'm going to tone down the spiciness for my sons - they don't like food too spicy.  However, my husband and I will be spicing up our portions.  So, here's to everyone on Fat Tuesday - have fun today, dance, wear some beads and have a good time!!

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