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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring "Break"

Ok - spring break was over a couple of weeks ago, but there was so much that happened during spring break and up until now.  First, my hubbie broke his ankle the Friday before our sons' 3-week break - great timing!  Our sons have a 3-week break because they go to year-round school (which I absolutely love).  So my husband was hobbling around on crutches throughout the whole 3-week break.  He could barely do anything so I had to take care of him, like a child.  So the boys were home, which means I'm constantly feeding them and cleaning up, and I was taking care of my husband when he wasn't at work.  Thankfully he was able to drive short distances because he broke his left ankle.  Add to all of that, taking care of the cat and the dog.  The boys did step up to the plate and help with cleaning the cat's litter box and walking our dog in the mornings since they were out of school.  So I just walked the dog in the evenings, because we don't feel comfortable with the boys walking him when it's dark.

So then, the Wednesday of the 1st week, we got a leak in our upstairs bathroom.  It took 2 days to get a plumber out.  So on top of everything, I'm cleaning up the bathroom and moving everything to a small bathroom upstairs.  We had to get a specialist out to pull up our carpet and dry everything because we were starting to smell mildew.  So we were now all sharing our small bathroom upstairs.  Imagine sharing a small - I mean small - bathroom with 3 males and a litter box.  In addition, there had to be a stool in the bathroom to help my husband get in and out of the shower.  You could barely move in there and counter space was teeny!  We had to replace our flooring in the main bathroom.  Between going to home-improvement stores to research our options and having a couple of companies come over for estimates, it took a couple weeks to decide.  Then it took a couple of weeks for the company to do it.  So we all kept having to use the teeny bathroom during that time.  Since we were replacing the flooring in one bathroom upstairs, we decided to do the other bathroom also.  So two days ago we got the main bathroom done, yesterday they completed the smaller bathroom and right now I'm waiting for the plumber to come and re-install the two toilets.  We're currently down to one toilet downstairs, which is a bit difficult for my hobbling husband.  He's finally ditched the crutches, but he's still hobbling around uneasily.

During all of this, our dog needed eye surgery, there was a baby shower and a birthday party to attend and we had some friends visit from the Netherlands.  So I was trying to keep the house presentable for our friends and make delicious appetizers and dinners for them.

So now the kids are back in school and we can finally use the main bathroom again (yay!!)  I took my 1st shower in there this morning and it was great!  The husband's ankle is getting better (slowly) and the dog's eye is better.  So life is looking up.

It is still busy, though.  The boys only have 4-1/2 weeks of school left and during that time there is a project where I have to make 100+ cookies and assist with a poster, 3 birthday parties, a performance where I need to find pirate gear, items to buy for a school sleep-away camp, a school carnival and 2 school open houses.  So, there will be no rest for the weary ;)


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